Daniel Brereton

Beyond Gender - Directors Cut


Beyond Gender - Directors Cut

To supplement and in many ways compliment the latest Protein Journal (the Gender issue), Protein TV collaborated with London-based filmmaker Daniel Brereton to make a short film about the people who are actually challenging gender stereotypes in Britain. Daniel specialises in music videos, having worked with the likes of Metronomy, Conan Mockasin, Erol Alkan and Kindness. We thought he would be (and he was) the perfect man for the job.

A well-received casting call brought about some truly inspirational characters with more than their fair share of poignant insight. We’d like to thank Will Ballantyne-Reid, Alys Hale, Anastasia Niedinger, Eleanor Newton, Kaammini Chanrai, Dimona Doherty, Ornella Kolle, Elliot Fearweather and Colin Filani for making it such a compelling short.

See what you think, but for us, this quote captures the essence of the film nicely: “There is a male and female role in every single one of us and we'll flex between the two quite fluidly depending on the situation that we’re in.”

The film debuted last night at the Protein Journal Launch party and now we’re proud to make it available online.

DOP - James Blann
Producer - James Lowrey
Editor - Tom Chick
Sound Design - Matt Waites
Grade - Russell Rowe