Daniel Brereton

I Can't Help (A Film about Freedom)


I Can't Help (A Film about Freedom)

I was invited by Canal 180, the Portuguese TV channel dedicated to culture, arts and creativity, to make a film about freedom, which at first seemed like a strange thing to do during lockdown, but also perfect.

And through making this film, I have found freedom in a place that I didn't expect it to be. I thought that it was found on the hills and in the valleys of the national park near where I live. But when I really looked at myself and my thoughts on the subject, I realised that, for me, freedom comes from within.

Through being stuck at home, and stuck in my thoughts, there was only way way for the film to go, and that was inside.

I have been on a bit of a journey of self discovery over the past few years, and so it's been a privilege to get the opportunity from Canal 180 to share some of my thoughts in this film. Some are scary to reveal, but through my journey I have learnt not to be afraid to share how I feel. And through being vulnerable and opening up in my work, this in turn opens new doors.

I hope people can relate to what I talk about, and find some connection with it.

It is also one of the few times that I have pointed the camera toward myself, as the topic of the film. I am used to being the person behind the camera, and so this is another step in the journey that I am on.